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  • 03/21/2016

    4010 Mule surging

    Filed under: louisiana,mule — tmaster @ 12:00 pm

    Having problems with my 4010 mule surging.

    This is what I have finally found was causing it.

    Factory recommended cleaning and then changing throttle body which solved it for 1 week.

    The real problem appears to be the ethanol gas. We switched to non ethanol gas and after about a month the problem went away. Also ran some fuel injector cleaner through it.

    Looks like when buildup shows up on the injectors a bug in the computer doesn’t know what to do so it starts surging trying to solve the problem. A software update would fix the problem and perhaps changing to a 3rd party computer might also solve it.

    Right now this engine can not run on ethanol gas.

    If you are having the same problem you need to run the tank dry fill it up with non-ethanol gas and add the fuel injector cleaner you add for cars. You should see improvements right away and after 2 tanks the surging should go away.

    They really need a recall on this they need to change this software or they need to redesign the injectors and sensors to the ethanol gas doesn’t affect them.


    No power when not on battery charger

    Filed under: mule — tmaster @ 9:10 pm

    Was charging battery on my 3010 mule. When I start it and unhook the battery charger I lose all power and then it dies. It will run and has power when hoked to the charger.

    where do I start to look for the problem


    power problems

    Filed under: mule — tmaster @ 10:30 am

    After changing a battery out on my 3000 mule I had to place it on a battery charger. When I started the mule it ran fine until I took the cables from the charger off. At this point the engine lost power tried to die. If I place the charger back on, the engine will start running right and acts like it has plenty of power. Thought once it was running you could diconnect the charger.


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